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New Holland Agri offers tech solutions to reduce crop burning

Casey Agri
Casey Agri

New Holland Agriculture today said its recently launched combine harvester can be used with other implements to address the problem of crop burning.

Attaching straw chopper and Happy Seeder machines to a tractor mounted combine harvester will help use straw for mulching and undertake sowing of new crop easily, it said.

Although these machines are expensive, they are being promoted in some states like Punjab through custom hiring under a central scheme supported with subsidy.

The second solution offered by the company was mixing straw in the soil post harvesting by using a combination of machines such as Shredo Mulcher, MP Plough and Seed-Drill.

And the third solution is to collect the straw for selling to biomass-based power plants. But for this purpose, farmers will have to use machines such as Rotary slasher followed by Rake and Baler.